With support from the Harvard University Department of Philosophy, the Review annually invites a professor to campus to deliver a lecture. When possible, the lecture is published in our issue for that year. Since its first lecture in 2002, the Review has hosted the following lecturers:

The Harvard Review of Philosophy Annual Lecturers

  • 2021, Vol. XXVIII, Tommy J. Curry (unpublished)

  • 2020, Vol. XXVII, L.A. Paul (unpublished)

  • 2019, Vol. XXVI, Paul C. Taylor

  • 2018, Vol. XXV, Dale Jamieson

  • 2017, Vol. XXIV, David Chalmers (unpublished)

  • Fall 2016, Vol. XXIII, John Searle*

  • Fall 2015, Vol. XXII, Derek Parfit (unpublished)

  • Fall 2014, Vol. XXI, Selim Berker (unpublished)

  • Spring 2014, Vol. XX, Jonathan Dancy*

  • Spring 2013, Vol. XIX, Judith Jarvis Thomson*

  • Spring 2012, Vol. XVIII, Jeremy Waldron*

  • Fall 2010, Vol. XVII, John McDowell*

  • Fall 2009, Vol. XVI, Peter Kivy*

  • Spring 2007, Vol. XV, Martha Nussbaum*

  • Spring 2006, Derek Parfit (unpublished)

  • Spring 2005, Daniel Dennett (unpublished)

  • Spring 2002, Vol. X, Gideon Rosen (inaugural lecture, unpublished)

*indicates lecture available via open access


Since our very first issue in Spring 1991, which featured an interview with John Rawls—one of the few that he ever gave—the Review has prided itself on featuring interviews with major figures in contemporary philosophy. Below is a list of all the thinkers we have interviewed as of Fall 2022:

*indicates interview available via open access


Three books featuring work from the pages of the Review have been published.

  • Philosophers in Conversation: Interviews from the Harvard Review of Philosophy (Routledge, 2002)

  • The Space of Love and Garbage: And Other Essays from The Harvard Review of Philosophy (Open Court, 2008)

  • All We Need Is a Paradigm: Essays on Science, Economics, and Logic from The Harvard Review of Philosophy (Open Court, 2009)

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